Arduino Template Express 1.0.2 (Beta 3)

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Released: Jul 5, 2013
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Application Arduino Template Express 1.0.2 (Beta 3)
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Release Notes

For problems during Beta testing - send emails to Arduino Template Express Support or create an issue in this site.

Quick Tips
- Where is Arduino Template Express installed?
To find out where ATE is installed open a command window and type set | find "ATE"
you will get a result such as ATE_HOME=C:\Users\Omar\Documents\Arduino Template Express
ATE_HOME is the environment variable that points to the root of the ATE folder.

- How do I deploy a sketch
The setup program installed an option under Tools\Deploy that is responsible for starting the
deployment process once you have a sketch ready. It is adviseable that you configure the deploy
option on the build toolbar by going to Tools\Customize\Command and adding the external tool that
correspond to the deploy option to the build toolbar. This will give you true one click deployment.

- How is all this put together
Start by taking a look at the %ATE_HOME%\boards.xml to find all board definitions and program
paths. You can add boards, programing ports and devices to your heart's content.

- I added a board, but it does not show up when I create a new template
Make sure the property <EnableForProjects> is set to true. The wizard only picks up projects
where EnableForProjects=true

- How do I enable SPI or another programming mode when deploying a sketch
change the programmer in your sketch\script\localboard.xml file. (TODO) - Provide examle

- How do I change the development board pictures that appear in the wizard to brand the environment
In the <BitmapName></BitmapName> of the boards.xml file change the name to
external.mygraphfile. Store a file name arduino-mygraphfile.png in the graphics directory. The
file MUST be name arduino-{somename}.png The size of the file must be 150x150. See
%ATE_HOME%\Graphics\arduino-esplora.png as an example.

Release Features
- Wizard driven template capable of creating libraries or sketches for the following development boards:
Uno (Tested)
Mega2560 (Tested)
Leonardo (Tested)

- Include compiled and source code version of all Arduino libraries included in version 1.04. The following libraries are included:
Esplora (For Esplora board only)
GSM (not included - due to compilation problems)

- Support one key deployment of sketches and libraries
- Support deploying sketches with avrdude to target bootloader or external programmers such as AVR Dragon, MKII, etc
- Support deploying sketches with atprogram to target external programmers such as AVR Dragon, MKII, etc
- Support deploying sketches as a file transfer (experimental) - to delegate the deployment to other machine or simulation system
- Support compilation of core libraries at frequency different than 16MHZ. Only 16MHZ is deployed with ATE.
- Include scripts to recompile all distributed libraries
- Include Atmel Studio Solutions for all distributed libraries.
- Support compilation of sketch for multiple boards using command line script (experimental).
- Support addition of new commercial or custom boards to the boards.xml registry
- Allows definition of favorite boards to default wizard when creating a new sketch or library
- Supports Atmel Studio 6.1 only
- Allows changing graphic display of board in wizard by registering extenal images in graphics directory and boards.xml registry
- It is now possible to share projects with other ATE users since templates no longer have hardcoded path information

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