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Project Description

Arduino Template Express (ATE) provides a wizard driven approach to the creation of libraries and sketches for multiple Arduino development boards.  ATE is the natural next step for users who started with the Arduino IDE and want to move to a more mature development environment, but continue using all the cool Arduino libraries and wide assortment of development boards.  Developers who are already used to Atmel Studio, can continue using this environment and augment their development experience by using binary versions of Arduino libraries and development boars and shields.

ATE is the second generation of the Arduino Installer project.  The first generation of the Arduino Installer was a complex series of scripts that got modified during installation to hard code paths and parameters found in the users computer.  This prevented sketches and library projects from being shared between users without modifying multiple scripts and paths to make it work.  ATE offers a much cleaner configuration driven design that can be easily expanded to support custom or commercial development boards.  For a tutorial of how to install and create sketches got to my site.

Supported Boards


The following development boards are supported by ATE.

  • Arduino Uno (Tested)
  • Arduino Mega 2560 (Tested)
  • Arduino Leonardo (Tested)
  • Duemilanove
  • Nano
  • Esplora
  • Micro
  • Mini
  • ArduinoTiny (24/44/84)
  • ArduinoTiny (24/45/85)
  • ArduinoTiny (2313/2413)
  • ArduinoTiny (87/167)

Libraries and Boards

Boards and Libraries


Supported Versions of Atmel Studio

  • Atmel Studio 6.1 ( Tested on Windows 8)


Version 1.0.2 (Beta 1)

  • Wizard driven templates capable of creating libraries or sketches
  • Include compiled and source code version of all Arduino libraries included in version 1.04 except GSM.
    • ArduinoCore
    • EEPROM
    • Esplora (For Esplora board only)
    • Ethernet
    • Firmata
    • GSM (Not Included)
    • LiquidCrystal
    • SD
    • Servo
    • SoftwareSerial
    • SPI
    • Stepper
    • WiFi
    • Wire
  • One key deployment of sketches and libraries
  • Uses AVRDUDE to deploy sketches via bootloader or external programmers such as AVR Dragon, MKII, etc. (default)
  • Uses ATPROGRAM to deploy sketches via external programmers such as AVR Dragon, MKII, etc.
  • Support deploying sketches as a file transfer to delegate the deployment to another machine or simulation system (experimental).
  • Support compilation of core libraries at frequencies different than 16MHZ.  
  • Includes script to compile all distributed libraries from the command line.
  • Support compilation of one sketch for multiple boards using a command line script (experimental)
  • Support addition of new commercial or custom boards to the boards.xml registry
  • Allows definition of favorite board to default wizard when creating a new sketch or library.
  • Allows changing board graphic in wizard to brand your development environment.

Template Features

  • Automatic generation of time stamp for every successful deployment
  • Automatic counter of successful deployments
  • Counter and time stamp of last deployment can be used in your sketches
  • Command line compile script with the following features:
    • Build Debug|Release versions of sketch
    • Build sketch at multiple frequencies if libraries have been compiled with this feature
    • Builds same sketch for multiple boards|frequencies combinations (experimental)
    • Deploy sketch to target board
  • Keeps count of successful compilations
  • Keeps count of failed compilations
  • Keep count of failed deployments
  • Allows up to 100 scripts to run when compilation fails
  • Allows up to 100 scripts to run when compilation is successful
  • Allows up to 100 scripts to run when deployment is successful
  • Allows up to 100 scripts to run when deployment fails
  • Each sketch has its own deployment script that can be customized for each individual project.

Road Map

Road Map

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